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Samsung Galaxy Note N7000 16GB Unlocked Android Smartphone - Dark Blue

Samsung Galaxy Note N7000 16GB Unlocked Android Smartphone - Dark Blue

Product Details

  • Product Dimensions: 6 x 2 x 4 inches ; 15.5 ounces
  • Shipping Weight: 2 pounds (View shipping rates and policies)
  • ASIN: B0061YRDX6
  • Item model number: GT-N7000

Price : $682.00
Samsung Galaxy Note N7000 16GB Unlocked Android Smartphone - Dark Blue

Product Description

Galaxy Note is A new kind of smartphone, borne of insight and innovation. It is the ultimate on-the-go device which consolidates core positive aspects of diverse mobile devices though keeping smartphone portability. It empowers you with every little thing you can ever want so that you can simply, really feel totally free. It is genuinely smart. Consumer study indicates that men and women always want to do alot more tasks a lot far better, even on the go, whether it is internet browsing, e-mail, games, or viewing pictures and videos. To do all this, shoppers carry several devices, due to the fact each and every device has one of a kind rewards that work most beneficial in a particular scenario. Consequently, buyers continually switch devices to use the suitable device at the appropriate time. Even for customers with several wise devices, they nonetheless carry around a notepad for writing down tips. There is an emerging desire for a main device for on-the-go use that could consolidate the core tasks of a number of devices as nicely as recreate the ease and simplicity of utilizing a pen and paper. The GALAXY Note was created to reflect your desires. The Galaxy Note is a main device that will minimize the want to switch to other devices though on the go and open up the possible of your mobile experience.

Client Critiques

Now there is no need to carry each an iPhone/Android phone AND iPad/Android tablet! This telephone-tablet device has improved resolution (and pixel density of course) than the iPad, and it is a third of the size, so it is considerably easier to carry and walk around with. AND it is substantially even more than just a 3G tablet, it really is also a phone for those instances that you wish to send SMS, and to have a 'normal' (verbal) phone conversation with out voice over IP apps. I am 1 of those many people that truly 'texts' a lot even more than I speak into my telephone, but the telephone is a bit substantial, so hands-free of charge earbuds or a bluetooth headset is advised if you speak into your telephone a lot.
Given that of my impatience, I imported my Galaxy Note from a UK website prior to it was out there on Amazon, but I would have preferred to buy this device from Amazon instead of importing from overseas. I was so excited to get my note, and I am merely amazed by the screen resolution and speed The construct quality is fantastic, the device is light (and thin if that's your thing), and a totally charged battery lasts from morning 'til night! I am going to sell my iPhone and Android tablet ASAP!
Extra on the screen resolution/camera:
Remote desktop/VNC access from the Note is fantastic for those of us that typically operate remotely, and this device at present has the finest balance of usability and portability For example, for remote desktop use, the iPhone 4/4S is limited by 960 x 480 pixels, the iPad is at present restricted by 1024 x 768 pixels, and any Android tablet with 1280 x 800 resolution is nowhere as portable as the Note! Even if Apple finally releases a 9.7-inch 720p iPad in March, I will be staying devoted to my Note. (Tablet makers must be focusing on generating 1080P tablets for 2012, in my opinion.) Speaking of pixels, the Note has an 8MP camera on the back and a 2MP camera on the front, so when once more significantly better than any iPad/Android tablet camera, and on par with the cameras on any of the newer smartphones eg. iPhone 4S/Galaxy S2.
Also, if the 5.three-inch screen is also little for remote desktop or watching movies, say in a hotel space, the Note has HDMI-out via a MHL-HDMI adapter! (Samsung and other brands accessible on Amazon Take a look on Youtube for NZtechfreak's terrific video evaluations on HDMI-output and other amazing issues you can do with the Galaxy Note!)
What would I increase about the Galaxy Note?
1. LED notifications there are no flashing lights when a new push message is received, not cool man!
2. If it could have been just a bit smaller (about 4.9 inches), but not as small as the four.65-inch Galaxy Nexus, which has a 1280 x 720 resolution (but only a 5MP camera by the way, and the household screen is nevertheless only four icons wide!).
In summary, the Samsung Galaxy Note is:
1. Far better than any smartphone - matching camera/telephone attributes but more quickly processor, a great deal more pixels/higher resolution = way more property screen icons, and a longer battery life!
two. Superior than any tablet - matching screen resolution and long battery life with any of the newer tablets, but has a improved camera, and is still tiny enough to walk down the street with.
This is the best mobile device ever produced!

Like the terrific, nicely-written assessment by Juwan I. Hayward, I also ordered this from Clove Technology in the UK mainly because I did not want to wait for it. I had not anticipated that I would be able to get it so soon from a vendor via Amazon (with the exchange rate, it expense me a little even more than $100 even more than it can be bought right here). Of all of the lots of gadgets and phones I have owned in the past 30 years, this is by far the greatest and most superior gadget I have had the privilege of owning and working with. It genuinely is a best mini-personal computer. I could conceivably get rid of most of my other gadgets and just use this device. It is small adequate to put in most pockets (particularly jacket or pants).
I go nowhere devoid of it. It is superfast, with a gorgeous screen. I use it for playing music, playing games, reading Kindle and ePub books, reading and editing documents, taking notes, surfing the net (in addition to the remarkable Android Browser, I adore the Dolphin Browser and even occasionally use Firefox for Android), reading news feeds from Pulse and News360, checking Facebook and Google+, taking candid photos (it also has a really good-top quality front-facing camera for video chats, which I have yet to use), and all of the countless other issues a single does on today's smartphones and tablets. I have heavily invested in the Android ecosystem, and it truly has no noticeable weaknesses compared to iOS (iPhone/iPad/iTouch). This 1 device combines all the top attributes of a smartphone with those of a tablet, and it is alot more portable that the standard tablet of currently. I personal a leading-end tablet, and I find myself working with it rarely given that receiving the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 weeks ago.
Lastly, it has a pen. I appreciate the pen. This device is impressive and outstanding without having it, but the pen really does take it to a different level for me. I use it for drawing, doodling, taking notes, getting my notes transcribed (the transcription software program delivered with it is very very good), and use to a great deal more efficiently play games and such. It is definitely the icing on the cake.
I extremely recommend the Samsung Galaxy NOTE. It could conceivably be my go-to device for a number of years to come.

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