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Waterfi Waterproof iPod Shuffle 4th Generation 2GB - Underwater MP3 Player for Swimming & Water Sports! Waterproof Headphones Sold Separately

Waterfi Waterproof iPod Shuffle 4th Generation 2GB - Underwater MP3 Player for Swimming & Water Sports! Waterproof Headphones Sold Separately

Launching Mp3's available in the market

Waterfi Waterproof iPod Shuffle 4th Generation 2GB - Underwater MP3 Player for Swimming & Water Sports! Waterproof Headphones Sold Separately , With the amount of hand-held gadgets that are released in the market, the iPod touch 5g launch bring up to date involves every person to try the latest among the gadgets offered today. Its launching experienced made everybody straight into trying which is the craze today. A mp3 player feel is among mass media person; however it requirements its processing in order to satisfy selected demands received from shoppers. Similarly, MP3 Players have been launched in order that most of customers might have larger choice in regards to advertising participant gadgets.
Waterfi Waterproof iPod Shuffle 4th Generation 2GB - Underwater MP3 Player for Swimming & Water Sports! Waterproof Headphones Sold Separately , Mp3's were previously released in the market for many years however they are staying loved by a lot of people. Which is usually as a result of improvement getting produced in order because of it to work fantasticly.

Price : $179.95
You Save : $40.00 (22%)
Waterfi Waterproof iPod Shuffle 4th Generation 2GB - Underwater MP3 Player for Swimming & Water Sports! Waterproof Headphones Sold Separately

Product Description

The Waterproof iPod Shuffle is the most versatile Waterproof MP3 Player readily available. You can listen to your preferred songs in high fidelity underwater in the pool, ocean, gym, snow, rain, and use it as your everyday MP3 Player! Please note this set does not incorporate Waterproof Headphones, please see the "Waterfi Swim System" if needed. This iPod Shuffle is 100% waterproofed from the inside out and it looks and functions just like a usual iPod Shuffle. Load music by syncing with iTunes and develop playlists. Mac and Pc compatible. The advanced VoiceOver function assists you uncover the song you are looking for quickly and effectively by speaking the names of songs, artists and playlists as you navigate your music library. Right after you use VoiceOver, you can't live with out it. Just clip it on to the back of swim Goggles for a quick no drag swim. If you are a swimmer, see the Waterfi website for the Swim Program which contains our Waterproof MP3 Player, Waterproof headphones and a goggle mounting kit. Shuffle is Compatible with any Waterproof Headphones for submerged use. Apple headphones sufficient for close to water use. Protected by a 1 Year Waterproof Warranty from Waterfi. Additional Colors readily available on manufacturer's web-site. Waterfi is not connected with Apple. Includes: 1 Silver Waterproof 2GB iPod Shuffle Ships New In Box with Non-Waterproof Original headphones, and USB Cable

Client Evaluations

I purchased this following breaking 4 H2o audio waterproof ipod circumstances. On the first three a single the ear bugs stopped working (the cords are pretty short if you have a significant head). The last a single leaked and fried my ipod, so I gave up. Don't know if I was especially challenging on them, or they are just not that well built, but only one particular lasted more than a month.
Bought this hoping it would function and it really is worked perfectly so far, about 15 hours swimming laps in total (if it stops working I'll update this). The other excellent factor about this ipod, vs. the plastic instances, is that it is so compact. Fits quickly beneath my cap and hassle-free to manage. The H2o audio circumstances are tremendous. And you can just use the ipod clip to hook onto your google strap, no fuss no muss (you do not need to have the velcro strap it comes with). With the most current version of the H2o audio cases you have to undo the strap and fit the case over it, then rethread it, or fight to to get the strap to fit by way of the pretty thin slits on the sides.
All in all, a fantastic product, so far, and well worth the funds (about the very same price as an H20 case and new ipod). Extremely recommend it. You can also freak out your close friends if you're utilizing it outside the pool, dunking it in a glass of water.

Great, amazing, amazing. I too, like several other reviewers, started out with a massive, bulky case for my 80GB iPod w/video. It was so-so, but type of annoying, primarily having to remember to clean and dry the case and armband just after each and every swim, and be additional vigilant when sealing the thing (making sure there wasn't any debris on the o-righ seal, etc) This thing on the other hand, is impressive. It's completely tiny, and with a very good pair of UW headphones (just get rather simple earbuds and tuck them under a UW headphones will perform 100% of the time without a cap, due to drag and the necessity of getting a solid, watertight seal maintanied at all instances for functionality. So just accept that you have to put on a cap to use any UW headphones for lap swimming, and get the lowest-profile earbuds you can find. I got the ones from Aquapac) your complete UW music technique can be attached to your head without having noticing it at all. There is zero weight with this program, and the drag is negligible. The construction is extremely solid and the clip attached to the back is ideal for clipping to goggles or the cap itself. (I suggest goggles for comfort. The ONLY downside I can see to this is that it is so modest you could shed it if you are careless with it although not attached to earphones, but that's your difficulty not the iPod's. This is particularly accurate if you take it into the ocean and ride waves with it. But all-in-all, this is the way to go.
And even although it really is not that low cost, believe of it as an investment in an all-weather mp3 player, not just an UW mp3 player, considering that it is a completely-functioning iPod shuffle that can be implemented anyplace, anytime. It is just also totally submersible as nicely. So you can do all manner of physical exercise with it (run, bike, row, ski, swim, surf) And not only is the waterproof function amazing for swimming, but it tends to make it impervious to sweat for workouts, and accidental spills also. When you factor in how significantly an underwater case is going to price for you current iPod, the weight saving and comfort of this tiny tiny unit compared to bulky instances, and the possibility that even with a bulky case you can flood your iPod anyway and ruin a $400 device in the course of action, there definitely are no drawbacks to just shopping for this instead. I wish I had just purchased this factor outright in the first location. Decide to buy a single.

Product Details

  • Shipping Weight: 4 ounces (View shipping rates and policies)
  • Shipping: Currently, item can be shipped only within the U.S.
  • ASIN: B00474HQAM
  • Item model number: SH-1

Technical Details

  • Versatile and Commonly used for Swimming, Water Sports, Exercising, Snow Sports, Wet weather .Underwater MP3 Player for Swimming ; Water Sports - Waterproof Headphones Sold Separately
  • No bulky cases as all interior circuits and contacts are 100 percent waterproof down to 15ft.
  • Authentic iPod Crafted from Solid Aluminum. Lightweight, Easy to Use, Clips to Goggles
  • 15 hrs battery life, 2GB Mem holds over 500 songs, VoiceOver Speaks names of Songs or Artists or Playlists.
  • Quality Built in San Diego, CA and Backed with a 1 year Waterproof warranty. Waterproof Headphones sold in seperate bundle, read below

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